In-Depth Report : MACSE

đź“Ł Excited to share my latest In-Depth Report about the upcoming TERNA’s Storage Capacity Auction MACSE Initiative (Electrical Storage Capacity Procurement Mechanism) 🌱🔋.

It is Now Available !

“In Depth Report about Macse”
Time-Shifting Energy Storage Auction Shaping The Italian Storage Landscape

🔎 Report Highlights Include:

• An in-depth understanding of the MACSE mechanism and its operational documentation.
• A detailed examination of the BESS project pipeline and STMG/Grid Connection requests.
• An evaluation of the magnitude of capacity development anticipated under MACSE.
• A thorough comparison between the existing Capacity Market and MACSE.
• Insights from Terna’s Study of Technology, discussing performance criteria and cost analysis.
• The auction timeline and participation requirements.
• An exploration of the remuneration structure, coefficients, and strategic bidding tactics.
• A look at time shifting contracts, including their characteristics and trading platform.

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