Consulting & Engineering

for Energy Storage

Helping market players on monetizing

energy storage systems in innovative and profitable ways.

We are specialized in stationary energy storage for grid and industrial applications. This includes for example providing balancing services to the grid, integration of fluctuating renewables or the combination of conventional power plant with battery storage to reduce CO2 emissions.

We strive to ensure Clients the capacity to deliver projects with the lowest LCOE and the highest IRR.


We offer solutions for your projects : feasibility studies, financial modeling, end-to end support, from design phase all the way up to procurement, construction and commissioning, for multi MW energy storage project for ancillary services (Fast Reserve, FCR, FRR, …), hybridization of  Diesel/Wind/PV Plants, solutions to solve power quality issues.


We provide engineering services such as sizing of energy storage systems, load profile analysis, and degradation simulation. In addition, we perform electrical studies, including load flow, short circuit,  selectivity studies and dynamic stability analysis, required by the TSO to connect the BESS to the grid.

Tendering activity

We support you on managing the tendering process for energy storage solutions: tender writing, short-list of vendors, technical and commercial analysis of the offers, submission of recommendations, all the way to the negotiation with the Client of the performance guarantees and other key contractual terms.


We provide consulting services such as performing technical and economic analysis to support the definition of energy storage projects, carrying on grid’s power system analysis in order to assess the needs for flexibility (i.e. frequency regulation), identifying positive business case for battery storage in specific jurisdictions.


Experience acquired with the deployment of a number of storage systems : from small stationary Energy Storage system providing balancing services to large scale Hybrid Wind and Solar Power Plant for customers in Europe, ME and Africa.


Skilled in design and engineering and procuring of large scale stationary energy storage systems from R&D to industrial applications.

Expanding Market

The market for energy storage is expected to grow at a CAGR of approximately 24. 38% until 2025. There are a lot of opportunities that Energy Storage can offer to the power systems.


For new technologies such as battery technology especially for utility scale projects, we provide expertise to ensure reliable and efficient processes.

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Multiple participants in the value chain can benefit from our services !

Back to Grid benefits from its network of system integrators, project developers and EPC companies across Europe, Middle East and Africa, and collaborate with an extensive network of experts located in the whole value chain of energy storage projects.

We serve Clients across the whole energy sector : project developers, investors, operators. They can benefit from our technical expertise for infrastructure deployment, financial modelling, feasibility studies, assets’ optimisation.

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