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The future of energy will be safer, smarter and cleaner.

Back to Grid is with you every step of the way.

Back to Grid is a specialized energy storage and renewable energy consulting firm which is involved in the entire project lifecycle, from development to commissioning.

Our expertise covers a wide range of areas, including design, construction, certification and commissioning, guaranteeing you a complete, tailor-made solution for your energy storage needs. We provide expert evaluation, technical design, financial analysis and independent engineering of energy storage and hybrid projects.

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Driven by a passion for innovation in the field of energy, we have dedicated many years to enriching our knowledge and developing our skills in the implementation of renewable energy projects. Thanks to our expertise in the field of electrical networks, we were naturally well-placed to provide storage solutions for the Primary Frequency Regulation (FCR) offer in France. Our field of intervention therefore extends to the development of storage systems for balancing electricity networks, the integration of renewable intermittent energies and the coupling with conventional energy production systems, with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions.

Proposed Services

Preliminary design

We can carry out pre-sizing studies for storage systems, taking into account load profiles, cycling and battery degradation curves. We can also assist you with the electrical studies (load flow, short-circuit calculations, selectivity studies, dynamic behavior of frequency regulation, etc.) required by the TSO to connect your storage system to the MV/HV grid.

Development support

Back to Grid can manage the development of your Energy Storage projects (MV or HV), from sourcing and securing land, to managing connection request applications, right through to obtaining “Ready to Build” status.


Back to Grid provides expertise in the implementation of energy storage systems in a variety of contexts, whether for the transition to renewable energy or to improve the energy efficiency of existing installations.

Supplier Selection and Contract Negotiation

Back to Grid can handle the procurement process for energy storage projects by defining the project scope and supply limits to set clear expectations and requirements. This step involves drafting and issuing detailed Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to potential suppliers and initiating consultations. To further clarify any uncertainties that may arise, comprehensive Q&A documents will be prepared. The process also includes discussing equipment warranties and performance guarantees, and conducting contract negotiation with the selected bidder.

Performances Audits

We can carry out detailed, in-depth performance analyses of storage systems, assessing all technical and functional parameters to ensure that they operate optimally.

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