Offered Services

We offer a broad range of Consulting, and Engineering services


Back to Grid is a specialized energy storage and renewable consulting firm that provides technical design, and independent engineering of energy storage and hybrid projects.

Feasibility Studies

Site and Environmental Constraints Analysis : evaluating the physical and environmental characteristics of a potential site. It includes assessing topography, soil condition, climate, and other environmental factors like proximity to sensitive ecological areas.

Feasibility of Access to MV/HV Grid Connection : determining the practicality of connecting the energy storage system to the existing medium voltage (MV) or high voltage (HV) grid. It involves evaluating the distance to the nearest grid connection point, the capacity of the existing grid infrastructure, and the potential costs and technical challenges associated with making the connection.

Availability of Land and Suitability for BESS Installation : we check if the land is suitable for such installations. It includes checking land ownership, zoning restrictions, and the physical characteristics of the land that might affect the installation and operation of BESS, such as flood risks or seismic activity.

Project Development Support

Site Survey/Screening: detailed assessment of potential sites for the energy storage system, considering factors such as geography, accessibility, proximity to grid connections, and environmental restrictions.

Managing Relationships with Local Stakeholders: engaging with landowners, residents, farmers, local authorities, and elected representatives to garner support and address any concerns they might have.

Coordination and Monitoring of External Studies: environmental impact assessments (is required by the administration), grid impact studies, and other feasibility studies required to ensure the site is suitable and the project is viable.

Local Authority and Landowner Agreement: Securing agreements from local authorities and landowners, obtaining necessary approvals and permits.

Signing of Lease Agreements: Formalizing the lease agreements with landowners to use the land for installing and operating the energy storage facilities.

Preparation of Meetings with the Fire Brigade: Discussing safety measures, emergency response plans, and compliance with fire safety regulations to ensure all potential risks are mitigated.

Preparation of the ICPE File and Submission of the Building Permit: The ICPE requires detailed documentation submission.

Grid Connection Authorization: Managing the process of obtaining grid connection authorizations, which involves detailed engineering and technical evaluations by the grid operators to ensure the facility can connect without disrupting the existing grid’s operations.

Management of Procedures for Connection to the Electricity Grid (ORO or ORA) with Limitations: Handling specific operational rules for grid connection, which dictate how the storage facility will interact with the grid and comply with limitations set by grid authorities.

Environmental Authorizations: Securing all required environmental authorizations (if required) to ensure the project meets all legal environmental protection requirements.

RFP, Supplier’s Selection & Contract Negotiation

Definition of the Scope/Limit of Supply: defining the project needs in terms of equipment, services, and extent of work. We set clear boundaries and expectations for the suppliers, reducing ambiguities and focusing on required outcomes.

Drawing up the Specifications for the Storage System: we set specifications including all technical requirements, performance standards, and quality expectations.

Launch of Consultations: Engaging potential suppliers by formally inviting them to participate in the bidding process.

Preparation of Q&A: Developing a comprehensive question and answer document to address potential queries from suppliers regarding the RFP or RFQ documents.

Organization of Tender Submission Meetings: Facilitating meetings where suppliers can submit their bids.

Shortlisting of Suppliers: After receiving all bids, evaluating them against set criteria to shortlist suppliers. Assessment of their offers based on price, technical capability, compliance with specifications, and past performance.

Discussions on Equipment Warranties and Performance: Negotiating with suppliers about warranties and performance guarantees.

Technical Clarification with Suppliers: Resolving any technical discrepancies or ambiguities in the bids.

Comparative Analysis of Offers: Comparing the final bids based on various factors such as cost, technical compliance, warranty terms, supplier reputation, and post-installation support.

Design, sizing and optimization

We offer engineering services ranging from basic design to basic engineering, and we help our customers to configure their storage systems

  • Design, sizing and optimization of energy storage systems
  • Li-Ion battery life simulation
  • EMS specification
  • Electrical studies
  • Grid connection studies
  • Electrical studies required by the TSO for connection to the HV grid
  • Short circuit and load flow calculations
  • Voltage fluctuation/unbalance studies
  • Transient and dynamic stability
  • Reactive power compensation design

Owner Engineering / Project Management

We can support our Clients at every stage of their energy storage project management process:

  • Managing meetings with stakeholders to gather the information needed to implement the project
  • Drawing up a weekly progress report
  • Monitoring ongoing actions and providing support to the project owner
  • Coordinating with suppliers and subcontractors
  • Preparation of meeting agendas and minutes highlighting the key points discussed at each meeting
  • Provision of a schedule in the form of a Gantt chart
  • Provision of specific KPIs and indicators required by the customer

Engineering & Consulting Services

Back to Grid helps you plan your storage system investment:

  • Evaluation of proposed sites
  • Site acquisition and preparation
  • Grid connection procedure
  • Selection of storage technology
  • Sizing of batteries, Power Control System (PCS) and associated control systems
  • Drafting of specifications for calls for tender : Li-Ion batteries, integrators, EPC Contractors, supply and maintenance (O&M) contracts
  • Negotiating contracts with aggregators for participation in the ancillary services market/Capacity markets/Arbitrage of Energy Markets/BM

Energy Storage Contract Support

We can help you with the strategy and drafting of your contractual documentation:

  • Review of commercial terms and agreements
  • Battery performance and lifetime guarantees (useful power, useful capacity, TEN, COD and auxiliary consumption)
  • Commissioning and start-up plans/tests
  • Measurements, tests, checks
  • Insurance, termination, defects
  • Scope and limits of services
  • Operation, maintenance, on-call duty, and agreements on the level of service offered
  • Guarantees of system availability or uptime
  • Review of documents submitted with comments
  • Review of responsibilities and LDs (Liquidated Damages)
  • Dispute Resolution / Force Majeure Clause
  • Progress Payment Clause

Back to Grid can supply a Term Sheet with the key terms benchmarked and adapted for the project conditions.

Support reviewing 3rd parties Business Models

We help our Clients to carry out the review of :

  • Business Model’s structure
  • Forecast prices
  • Revenues stack
  • CAPEX and OPEX of the model
  • TURPE charges
  • Benchmark with CAPEX and OPEX of similar projects, and calculation of BTG
  • Oversizing vs. capacity augmenting strategy
  • PCS/Battery replacement estimates
  • Sensitivity analysis

Site commissioning & auditing

We help our Clients to carry out :

  • Construction site audit
  • Factory Acceptance Tests
  • Test protocol definition and/or review
  • Commissioning
  • Taking over